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International road transport consistent with GDP and TAPA TSR1 requirements

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We specialise in the transport of medicinal
products and high-value goods.

If you are a distributor or manufacturer of meds or high-value products and
even if only one of the following options refers to you, you are in the right place.

  • Your internal fleet is insufficient to handle the transport of pharmaceuticals on time and to cover all supply directions.
  • You have small batches of meds which are not enough for one refrigerated truck and consequently you incur additional costs because your meds require to be transported in separate shipments.     
  • You are under time pressure so as to deliver meds according to the schedule, and your forwarders might not be able to satisfy such expectations at all times.
  • The forwarders you cooperate with are not responsive, and it is difficult to contact them in the afternoon or at night.
  • Your internal policy imposes a need to cooperate with a forwarder who follows the procedures verified during inspections of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.
  • It is important for you to have an uninterrupted and transparent insight to the methods of transporting your cargo and the fulfilment of all conditions of controlled temperature transport.
  • You require top-notch theft protections and high insurance guarantees.

What can we
do for you?

Pharmaceutical transport

Pharmaceutical transport entails a need to guarantee safety and strict transporting conditions. For years now we have been specialising in delivering meds – our experience and knowledge are appreciated by the biggest manufacturers of medicinal products.

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High-value goods transport consistent with TAPA TSR 1 requirements

We are aware that prior to making a final decision our clients want to be certain their cargo will reach its destination on time and it will be properly secured against theft and interference of third parties.

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Handling and warehousing

Eltrans stands for much more than just pharmaceutical transport. We are aware that our clients have their goods everywhere across Europe. This entails the need to coordinate transport with numerous carriers, hence we assume the entire logistics-related responsibility.

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Sale and rental of truck tractors and refrigerated trucks

If you are interested in buying or renting a truck tractor, you are in the right place!

The offer of Eltrans also comprises sale and rental of truck tractors. Our portfolio includes used vehicles with a wide range of options.

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Why is it worth it to
cooperate with Eltrans?

  • We have ready-to-use procedures and documents, which allows us to start doing business with you even in 24h.
  • We are capable of organising transport to each part of Europe in 24h. We are not afraid of new directions, because we have great experience in customs procedures – we successfully carry out shipments to such distant countries as Morocco, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.
  • We have nearly 20 years of experience in international refrigerated transport. Our vehicles are appropriately equipped and secured to transport the most demanding goods on the market.
  • We operate strictly according to procedures resulting from GDP. Additionally, we adjust our procedures to our clients’ requirements.
  • External and internal audits are carried out in our company regularly in order to confirm the conformity of our operations with relevant procedures.
  • All individuals involved in our services are familiar with all procedures and requirements. Our workers take part in introductory and refresher trainings at least once a year. Drivers are additionally equipped with transport manuals.

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Transport compliant with GDP procedures

We carry out transport to 33 countries
Europe and 7 Central Asian countries
and Eastern

the Czech Republic
9 000 000

The number of kilometres
travelled in 2022

7 200

completed orders
in 2022


the number of vehicles
in our fleet in 2022

8 500 000

the number of kilometres
travelled in 2021

5 900

completed orders
in 2021


the number of vehicles
in our fleet in 2021

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