High-value goods transport consistent with TAPA TSR 1 requirements

Transport towarów o wysokiej wartości

We are aware that prior to making a final decision our clients want to be certain their cargo will reach its destination on time and it will be properly secured against theft and interference of third parties.

Hence, we pay special attention to providing our vehicles with appropriate protections and to following strict procedures, applied during the entire transport process.

We guarantee our refrigerated trucks will be equipped in compliance with the TAPA TSR 1 standards.

  • electronic locks securing the door of refrigerated trucks possible to be open only from the forwarder’s panel,
  • online monitoring of shipments in our GPS telematic system, allowing to trace the cargo 24/7,
  • stops only in safe car parks approved by our clients,
  • periodical transport safety trainings for drivers,
  • developed and implemented procedures to be followed in crisis situations (i.e. thefts, burglaries).

Our certificates

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

The ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees our clients are provided with services fully satisfying their requirements, our company quickly reacts to market fluctuations, constantly improves internal communication, and aims to minimise errors.

GDP Certificate

The GDP certification confirms and guarantees the fulfilment of the strictest requirements defined in the Good Distribution Practice, which constitutes the foundation for the safety of medicinal products in the entire supply chain.

What advantages do you get transporting high-value goods with Eltrans?

Transport compliant with precise quality procedures at each shipment stage.

24/7 online monitoring through access to a user-friendly telematic system (GPS).

24/7 contact with the forwarder, who replies to your every question.

Guarantee of a high insurance sum for all transported goods (EUR 1,000,000).

Certainty that your goods are transported by well-trained and certified workers.

Assurance that your goods will be delivered to every corner of Europe, and even to Africa and Asia.

If you are looking for a forwarder who will take proper care of your high-value goods, check out how we can assist you.

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How to we guarantee safe transport of high-value goods?

Electronic locks possible to be opened only by the forwarder.

Unauthorised door opened alerts.

Setting up virtual corridors for vehicle movements – geofence function.

Mechanical SBS locks securing the doors of refrigerated trucks.

Stops only in safe car parks.

Vehicle cabins equipped with panic buttons.

24h/7 online monitoring through our telematic system (GPS).

Questions and Answers

Are your vehicles properly equipped to transport high-value goods?
What are your procedures in crisis situations (e.g. theft)?
Do I have an option of tracing my shipment online?
What is communication like during transport?

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