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Are you a carrier with a truck tractor and looking for a partner in international transport?

You are in the right place!

We provide controlled temperature transport services on international routes. Your cooperation with us can be the beginning of an interesting adventure – Europe, Asia, even Africa will be at your fingertips. You can be sure we will never leave you alone. You will be provided with the care of a qualified forwarder, who will support you at each and every stage of the process. We subscribe to the principle “win-win” – we are very flexible and always adopt an individual approach to the work system. We care, also about your satisfaction. Only then will we be sure we have won a true partner.

See what we can offer

21-day payment term with no delays

Competitive rates and a discount option of 0.018% per each day

Certainty of frequent orders and attractive transport directions

No fees for semi-trailer rental

State-of-the-art semi-trailers not older than 3 years

Support of a professional forwarder 24/7

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Why is it worth
cooperating with Eltrans?

International transport is hard work; consequently, carriers who cooperate with us appreciate in particular:

  • Continuity of import and export orders over the year.
  • Transport of goods mainly to Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece.
  • Transport compliant with legal regulations – the average weight of transported goods is 9500kg.
  • Cargo and transport safety – vehicles are equipped with relevant systems and devices.
  • Training and clear, transparent transport procedures, also in crisis situations.

Your partner in Pharma logistics