Eltrans has participating in Transport Logistic Munich 2023

Transportation of medicines and participation in fairs - what does participation give us?

The transport of medicines is our main domain and the reason why we want to be up to date with the latest trends in the transport services market. We want to constantly expand our knowledge and compare experiences with specialists for whom wholesale transport of medicinal products is important. Participation in the next fair this year is behind us - this time our representatives - Dawid and Jakub took part in the event - Transport Logistic Munich.

Why is the fair an added value for the carrier involved in the transport of medicines?

The rapidly changing market is the reason why it is worth participating in industry events. Conferences and fairs are a place that allows you to stay up to date with the latest market trends, including the market of pharmaceutical transport services. You can exchange your experiences and ideas that are used on a daily basis in handling the transport of pharmaceutical products. During these types of events, long conversations are held, during which you can gain new and valuable knowledge.

Numerous exhibitors' stands are a perfect place to get acquainted with the latest technical solutions that are to lead to minimizing the risk associated with vehicle and equipment failures - a very important factor that should always be taken into account in the process of planning the transport of medicines.

Getting to know the expectations for the transport of pharmaceutical products

Numerous conversations with fair participants mean also getting to know the expectations of customers towards companies providing services in the transport of pharmaceuticals. Often, customers themselves impose on the carrier a number of their internal requirements that must be met in order to start cooperation. Industry events are the perfect place to learn about these expectations, collect valuable tips, and present your answers to various requirements of both customers and those imposed by pharmaceutical law or the requirements of Good Distribution Practice.

What can you gain by participating in the fair?

przewóz leków - targi   transport leków - targi

Among the numerous stands and exhibitions, you can find specialists in the field that is of particular interest to participants involved in the transport of medicines:

- security of pharmaceuticals - stands of companies offering comprehensive services supporting the security of goods

- ensuring the transport of medicines at the right temperature - companies providing electronic temperature monitoring

The fair is a meeting place for suppliers from every stage of the supply chain and an opportunity to look for the best solutions that can be implemented for the transport of medicines.

Participating in industry events can also help companies develop better drug shipping strategies, as well as gain insight into the latest pharmaceutical shipping regulations. In addition, it provides a platform for participants in the pharmaceutical supply chain to exchange ideas, share best practices and learn from each other's experiences. All of this can help streamline operations and ensure that medicinal products travel safely and efficiently from origin to destination.



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By participating in the fair, you can also gain valuable knowledge in the field that interests us the most, i.e. in the field of international transport of medicines. It is a perfect place where specialists from the pharmaceutical supply chain meet. Participation in industry events is an opportunity to learn about new services, solutions and ideas that can be used in the transport of medicinal products.



Author of the text: Małgorzata Łazowska

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