New generation of DAF vehicles in pharmaceutical transport


Reliable vehicles and the transportation of medicines


At the end of March, 15 DAFs of the latest generation - XG - joined our fleet. Transportation of medicines requires the carrier to maintain the highest standards in handling shipments. Continuous investment in the latest solutions is a guarantee of risk reduction in pharmaceutical transportation.

Latest solutions in pharmaceutical transportation

A new generation of DAF vehicles has revolutionized international transportation, including the transportation of pharmaceuticals. These modern vehicles offer many advantages over their predecessors, such as improved safety, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. They are also more reliable, allowing for faster deliveries and better customer service. In addition, the new DAF vehicles are equipped with advanced technology that makes them better suited for transporting sensitive materials such as medicines. The technology also allows for greater control over the transportation process, including real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments. These features make the new generation of DAF vehicles well suited to the needs of today's international drug transportation industry.

Minimizing risk and transporting pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical transportation is one of the most important aspects of the medical industry. It requires a strong commitment to pharmaceutical safety to ensure that drugs and other medical supplies arrive at the point of receipt in perfect, intact condition. One way to minimize risks in the transportation of medicines is to invest in the latest vehicles that guarantee the highest reliability in transportation.


With the latest generation of vehicles:

- we minimize the risk of breakdowns, i.e. unscheduled stops along the transport route,

- we optimize delivery time,

- we improve the comfort of the driver, who is an integral part in the transportation of medicines.


What distinguishes the XG generation?

During the wholesale distribution of medicinal products, one of the most important aspects is the safety of pharmaceuticals. The carrier has specific requirements to ensure the highest safety standards along the delivery route. Transporting pharmaceuticals is a process that requires the carrier to get the goods from the point of shipment, to the point of receipt, as quickly as possible. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to strive for the highest possible reliability of vehicles, so that we can ensure the transport of pharmaceuticals at the optimal time, without unplanned stops.

The new vehicles are designed to improve driver comfort, increase safety and reduce the negative impact of road transport on the environment. So what exactly sets DAF XG vehicles apart?



- Generation tractors provide economical driving and low CO2 emissions

- A lower aerodynamic plate is installed under the vehicle to ensure optimum airflow, which reduces fuel consumption

Improved driving safety and driver comfort


- Camera system replaces mirrors - the camera covers a wider field of vision

- Lane departure warning system to prevent unintentional lane changes due to driver fatigue and to support driving in conditions with limited visibility

- Enhanced steering stability

- Large side windows and a side-curved windshield provide the driver with unparalleled direct visibility, which dramatically increases safety on the transport road


Transporting medicines over long distances

The international transportation of medicines often involves traveling long distances, and medicinal products must be delivered to the remotest corners as quickly as possible. Carriers need to be sure that the transport will run smoothly, so modern vehicles are an excellent tool for minimizing the risk of unplanned breakdowns and stops that can disrupt the pharmaceutical supply chain. What are some other advantages of choosing road transportation for transporting pharmaceuticals? Check out this article:



When planning drug transportation routes, care should be taken to ensure safety. You can minimize the risks associated with vehicle breakdowns by using the latest generation of vehicles available on the market. Our company constantly invests in vehicles from reputable manufacturers, i.e. DAF. Thanks to this solution, we offer reliable delivery of medicinal products to every corner of Europe, Asian countries and Africa.

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