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Transport of sensitive goods entails very specific requirements on the part of the carrier.

Safety always comes first. Therefore, we pay special attention to equipping and securing vehicles properly and carrying out regular technical inspections.

What types of goods do we transport?

  • pharmaceutical products
  • electronic products
  • cosmetics

How do we secure your temperature transport?

Each of our 120 refrigerated trucks has all the required documents. Additionally, prior to every departure, technical staff check the technical condition of the trucks and all the equipment. These routine check-ups minimise the risk of any failure.

Certificate of temperature sensors calibration

ATP certificate

Mapping certificates

Certificates of technical inspections of the cold room and the cooling unit

Your partner in Pharma logistics

What solutions can be provided?

Distributors of pharmaceuticals seek opportunities to optimise their transport costs. When your cargo consists of goods requiring two different temperatures, we can offer a bi-thermo refrigerated truck, which will allow to transport your entire cargo in a single semi-trailer instead of two different vehicles. Additionally, we also have double-deck refrigerated trucks, which enable to transport as many as 66 pallets during one shipment. Our fleet is completed with vans – vehicles with the permissible maximum weight up to 3.5 tons.